Christoph Ritter

The Central Saint Martins and Polimoda graduate designer from Austria explains how a disaster can turn into inspiration

If you had a particular obsession you would like to show in your clothes, what would that be?

My obsession with clothing lies in the way they reflect the people who chose to wear them, but also how they wear them. It is the first thing people see, before being able to get to know the beauty of your mind and thought.

With my clothing I want to both critically question certain social and cultural phenomena such as rejection and insignificance but I also want to create garments, which can become unique to the person who wears them, by giving them multiple ways of wearing them or taking them apart. My obsession lies with people who embrace their weaknesses alongside their strengths, and therefore their entire personal depth instead of simply a public persona, which only shows glamour and perfection.

What type of woman you aim to dress and do you have eventually an idea of this type?

I hope I can reach a wide spectrum of women, men or anything in-between or out of our normal gender perception from all different background imaginable. I think her beauty is her uniqueness, her weaknesses, her fears, her strengths and anything that makes who she is. A certain degree of humour also helps of course.

Do you have a favourite designer you take inspiration from?

 I think a strong design is one that captures a certain zeitgeist like Angela Luna, who  made a collection for refugees. All her garments transform into helpful tools such as tents and sleeping bags if needed, but can still be worn otherwise. Other than that I enjoy the fun and eclecticness of Kaimin. It is just a complete bliss to see her looks.

Credits: Christoph Ritter