The young jeweller and eyewear designer from China explains how fashion can prove identity is not fixed

How much gender fluidity has influenced your creativity?

Quite a lot. I believe in a world of androgyny, some sort of Utopia, therefore my jewels are suitable for all genders, and in fact, it is quite usual to see a same piece of jewellery worn by both male and female models.

Your jewels are perfectly shaped, geometry and form. But yet they look so impalpable and romantic. Do you think this matches your vision?

    Of course. I've studyed fine arts at the academy for 11 years before turning into a designer, my aesthetics are deeply influenced by classic paintings and sculptures in which balance is the key to everything. High standard and strict rules of craftmanship was constantly highlighted over a decade's study and now it's in my genes that I pay attention to details. 

What about the materials?

I am also keen on exploring various materials and techniques to realize multiple functions, and these signatures of my work were filtered and equipoised by my vision in order to achieve a harmony of practical beauty.

Credits: photographers FashionhorsesAmanda Yang