Flowing, layered
by Joanna Wierzbicka

Photographer: Joanna Wierzbicka Stylist: Jiwon Lee Set designer: Jiwon Lee
Makeup Artist: Yoko Minami Hair stylist: Mai Hosomi
Model: Elisa Hupkes @ The Hive Management

See through top by Rin Choe
White trousers by Amber Healey
Jewelry by Yifan Gao

White inner top and blouse by Uan Zhang

Beige trousers by Rin Choe
Jewelry by Yifan Gao

Light blue colour dress by Rin Choe
 Jewelry by Yifan Gao

Customized socks by Jiwon Lee

White jumpsuit by Junyi Zhang

White blouse by Danyuan Chen

White dress by Missy Yue