The project Jing Yu brings you in a the state of neutrality and lightness of mind

<<Our original idea is to explore our understanding of life from the perspective of fashion. I think it may be a very personal and emotional idea in a way not only about life but also an interpretation about ourselves as women. >>

We notice a sober elegance, a woman who can question her gender and still feel herself. Do you think this fits your identity as a designer?

  I really like the word you use ‘sober elegance’. As you may read in our website “The aesthetic and spiritual values that constitute JING YU in the state of neutrality revealed an opening conversation about sexual liberation, self-actualisation and fulfillment.”Self-actualisation is inevitably accompanied by self-examination, the desire for freedom and the spirit of adventure. A unique temperament is born in collaboration of me and Jing, sober mixed with a sense of loneliness and elegant longing for wild.

Your collection is all about colors of nature. Pastels and beige, brown and white. How do you explain this choice?

       This is our first collection, and for me it's a simple and conservative collection. It is a self-introduction, but the content we want to express in this introduction is fulfilled. Color is the medium of communication. It is a way to temper force with mercy (silhouette vs colour), to use those colours to represent personified images and characters. 

Please tell us what is your creative obsession

From our creative point of view, the fundamental principle of beauty is the truth. We seek for truth rather than perfection. It's as if on the one hand we want to enrich our experience, and on the other hand to get rid of the constraints of our own experience on creativity.