Naida C. Castel - Designer & Jeweller

<<Everything started from a desire of self expression>>

We are the ones who work hard and party harder.
We ride bikes, we fight and we dance.
We get our shit done but we also loose control.
We are not perfect, but the thing is, we don’t even want to. Perfection doesn’t represent us, cause we like it honest and rough. We are spontaneous.
We are real.

Primitive. Do you think the word matches your creations?

I actually never used that word before but there is in fact, a primitive part of me in those pieces. Something emotional i can’t really control and maybe that is what makes them primitive and kind of wild I would say. Their rough, spontaneous shapes and textures.

I have seen you are from Barcelona an exciting city and context. But what about your origins, family, background?

I am actually from Balaguer, a city in the interior of Catalonia, there is where I grew up. My family lives there so it is a place to go back when the city gets too loud and need some fresh air. I studied arts as soon as I could choose, I have been drawing, painting, singing and playing instruments during all my childhood. I loved and still do, any kind of creative discipline. Then I went to Barcelona and studied product design, which gave me a different, more realistic perspective of things, and objects.

When I finished I went back to my roots and started learning how to make all that jewelry I had had in my head during years. And thats how Naida C. Castel started, from a desire of self expression through little objects that could be worn.

Crystalised collection

Your ability is to create very delicate and minimal pieces but extremely catchy. What's the creative process behind this concept?

Thank you for your words! When I create a collection, it always starts in my sketchbook.

I draw all the ideas that come to my mind, I usually find inspiration when traveling, I guess it is because the mind is more opened and relaxed and there are a thousand new inputs more than at home.
When I like the shapes and random ideas I have got, I decide some viable pieces and I make samples in metal.
After making, repeating and trying I put them all together to see how the family looks.
Usually the most rough and unpredictable shapes win. Because are obviously more attractive and what I want to capture in those shapes is that feeling that you can’t explain with words but it is still telling you stories.

Naida’s collection Mujo - impermanence

credits: photographer Iñigo Viñas

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