A conversation with Emma Rowen Rose, head and heart of this amazing brand from Paris. 

<<The delicate mix of everything makes a statement piece>>

What is your ideal type of woman?

I’d say she has to be smart, elegant and powerful, but always in a natural and detached way.

What are your favourite materials to work with?

I don’t really, it depends on the collection and my mood! But I guess people know me for working vinyl; The next collection has a lot too.


Your collections are wearable by every woman and yet they contain a twist of edginess. What are the elements you use to distinguish your garments?

The key is to always balance. I work really hard on the shape, and then I add original fabrics and colors or prints that I design myself most of the time too. It is the delicate mix of everything that makes a statement piece.

Can you explain if you have any inspirations at the moment and your projects for the future?

The upcoming collection is ready but it is a secret still! so I won’t tell all the inspirations for next season but it is based on the movie by Sacha Guitry Le Roman d’Un Tricheur.There is everything to do still for ROWEN ROSE! So I hope the future is going to be promising! For now I am focusing on the upcoming fashion weeks.

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