Founder of brand Studio Shiori Suzuki, has Japanese, Chinese and Russian genes.

Your last collection seems deeply influenced by the contemporary Japanese culture, flashing city lights and urban feel. Do you agree?

Yes. I was looking back at my hometown which is Shibuya, Tokyo. Where I grew up and used to spend all my youth time with friends sinking into the flashy city lights and felt extremely romantic and happy about it while looking at eccentrically dressed people that they come and pass by, day by day. It certainly built my foundation of sensibility.

The worst nightmare as a designer.

    The worst nightmare I think is emotion control.

Please explain what "Sciencia" means for your designs.

It means logically, bravery and tears to me. A lot of tears indeed. Especially for the last collection, a Japanese animation film done by Osamu Tezuka called “the metropolis” was stuck in my mind for a while.

Credits: photographers Osamu Tezuka