We spoke with the freshly graduated designer from London College of Fashion. Straight from Bangkok, her style explores fashion with a delicate feminine appoach.  

What is your goal as a fashion designer and what type of women are you aiming to dress?

I am not quite certain of my long-term goal yet. However, I wish to start my own label in an international industry in my favourite cities around the world. Personally, I think my designs can fit women of various ethnicity and age groups as they reflect the past and the present within the same piece. Surprisingly, there are male customers purchasing the oversized shirts and trench coats from my collection as well.

What type of materials do you use? Is there any special selection of fabrics?

       For me, a particular fabric needs to complement the design. As I used to work with neoprene in the past, foam is the material I pick to explore during my final collection due to its similarity in terms of form and function. I love experimenting new things even though I find myself getting stuck sometimes trying to find what works.

What can you tell us about your personal experience and your plans?

I think I'm quite fortunate in the sense that I’ve always known that I had a passion for art since I was young. I enrolled at a fashion school for my undergrad and realized that fashion is not just about drawing and sewing. It requires experience in fabric behavior in order to create surprising details. I had therefore made the decision to join LCF for MA where Eastern and Western styles come together. I am currently in Thailand working on my new collection but am planning to travel to London soon for new fashion opportunities out there where I can bring my clothing along.

Credits: Voranida , photographers Pisid Whangvisarn, Laura Palm