Juha Karikoski

This looks like a Turner’s painting but it’s Juha’s crepuscular nature photography taking us straight to the cold lands of Finland


Your photos have an incredible subject, your land.

I like nature, sea, and all things related to archipelago. I like its animals and birds, and the people living here. As I live in the archipelago it is natural that my photographic subjects include the sea, landscapes and the nature of this place. My pictures also represent my vision of my beloved home, Kustavi. I think it is a previledge to live here all year around, and to enjoy various seasons of this island and its views.

We appreciate the hazy, blurry look of your photographs.


My photographs aim to bring out the atmosphere which I myself know, feel and see. Light has a great significance in my photographs, often more important than the actual subject. By emphasizing the importance of light in my pictures, I can highlight the delicate atmosphere of the archipelago. The sea can sometimes be "powerful" and "fierce", but at the same time, it is also infinitely beautiful.

Countryside, sea and animals. What's your favorite subject?

My favorite subject is the sea, because I love it. Whenever it is possible I go to the sea or to my favorite photographic locations on the shore. Especially autumn and winter are absolutely beautiful seasons to experience the archipelago; you hear nothing but a deep silence. But surely I will take a photo of anything that is beautiful, despite of what season it is.

Think of an emotion you would like to arouse in the viewers.

With my photos I want to reach people who live in cities and make them notice the beauty of nature and sea. Many people say that they like being outside in the wild, but they do not really look around. When people are there in the wild, they have headphones on and they are constantly aware of their phones. People should stop and listen and look around, I mean really look what the nearby nature has to offer.That's what I do and I enjoy it.

“My home Kustavi is a charming place in the archipelago. The nearest major city is Turku at 60 kilometers away.”